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"tom jurhs" everything went well and you called me back because you forgopt toad wiper.


"First visit" First time visit , professional courteous staff


"They were friendly and efficient. " Would definately return there.


Monique said she had a really good experience with the business. They found something wrong with her vehicle and let her know. Since she had a service pact, she got a really good discount and she could not be more happy with them.


Darlene said the business did a good job. They are honest and professional and would continue service with them.


"Everyone was friendly , answered all of my questions. Looked for information for me. Very satisfied. " Great!!


"Excellent Service" I took my car in for a routine oil change and I am very impressed by how friendly and helpful everyone was. I was treated great even though this was a rather small service on my car. I am absolutely planning on being a repeat customer.


"they listen" Very nice to deal with, they explain everything so you can understand. I liked doing business with them and sending my daughter to them with her car.


I called last week to get a quote on replacing my timing belt and the guy I spoke to recommend to have it checked first. He said there would be no cost to check it and if it needed replaced it would run 433 for the whole kit. I called back today to set up an appointment and fortunately I asked this guy for a quote as well. This guy said it would be almost 200 to check it and up to 800 to replace it. When I asked why I was told something different he said, the guy probably didn't know what he was talking about or he miss understood what belt I was talking about. I specifically said timing belt because I had been calling around to several shops asking the same questions. So this shop admittedly has guys working there that don't know what they're doing. I will definitely never go there or recommend them.

Stacey, we often get phone calls requesting pricing. It is hard to confirm all the particulars on a vehicle without seeing it. When a timing belt is changed, often a sticker or date is left under the hood to acknowledge that work. To check that, there is no cost, however, if there is not sticker or marking then the process to check the timing belt is to remove components and visually inspect the belt. That process does constitute a fee. Pricing over the phone is difficult and to reduce errors or miscommunication it is suggested to bring the vehicle into the shop and have it looked at. A more accurate estimate can be given then, eliminating uncertainties over the phone about a vehicle that has yet to be seen. If you would like to bring your vehicle in, do not hesitate to contact our office.

- Honest-1 Auto Care Minnehaha

Joe said this business did a good job. The staff was friendly and he was in and out on time.

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