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Professional and friendly service Honest answers to the problem

Thank you Scott. We are here for you.

- Honest-1 Auto Care Minnehaha

They always treat us great and have more than. Fair prices.


Thank you for immediate availability and service.


Great service, friendly people. Better prices than any place i I have been. Did not try to up sell me. Will be back when I need service.


The service was very fast, the location was good, employees weren't very friendly and receptionist is hard to understand and a little gruff. I was very disappointed to find that a Groupon I purchased wasn't really able to be used as I hoped. I purchased a four oil change package (synthetic blend) for $59.00. I didn't realize my car took full synthetic (this is my fault, not Honest 1). To make up for my mistake, the receptionist marked off two of my four oil changes, and then charged me another $33.00 and some change. That means I will only get two oil changes for the package and each one will cost roughly $63.00 total, which isn't even a deal(in fact I can get it done in California at the dealership for $57.00). I feel like I pretty much got screwed on this one, but it's mostly my fault. I will obviously complete my final oil change here, but after that I'll be looking elsewhere. If your car takes synthetic blend, this is probably a great deal! Just double check before buying the groupon, because this just sucked.


Great and friendly service. I don't think I have ever been in a better or cleaner waiting room.


Good job!


very please with service and time to complete work


Great place. Good customer service. Had to take my car back in because problem wasn't discovered first time, but it's been great since! Thank you again for fixing her up!


The guy at the counter started the upsell right from the start. I was suspicious that this was a corporate place. It seemed as if the only thing I needed was a radiator hose and they "needed"to do a pressure test without even looking under the hood. The radiator then was "ruptured" (Later I found out it leaked under their "pressure test at the top seam - not where the leak had been!) -and I agreed to let them replace the radiator. The 1 day later the truck was spewing radiator fluid. I took it back and the guy behind the counter was absolutely full of venom. No, I"m sorry, let's check it." Seemed to just sneer at me and blame me. I said I wanted to get in and out quickly as I hadn't had anything to eat. He snidely said "Do you want my sandwiches? out of his paper bag with an attitude. He was making zero effort. He says "I haven't eaten either". Maybe these guys should eat something. They came back with it was a leak in the water pump. The brother said that it was "highly unlikely" two major things went wrong at the same time, the first guy was "sorry" gleefully and bitterly that my truck was such a bad vehicle. My experience is that auto mechanic experiences like this come from incompetence or being pushed for a quota(Like J-Lube), or dishonesty about what was needed in the first place. Take your pick. Customers are NOT their main concern (Seems to be they are concerned about their own convenience and image) and I wished I could have gone somewhere else originally but was stuck with an undriveable truck. It was good enough to drive away but still leaking in the end. Next time I will just get it towed to somewhere they care and have a hint of competence. I had them give me the radiator they replaced and will admit if after the shop I use actually fixes what is wrong says both things were wrong. Unfortunately I am likely out $600 and another day down without a vehicle.

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